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Hello Im Evoral the guild leader of 'Dynamic' We are currently a new Pve/Pvp guild focusing on Pve if you are interested in Joining our ranks to become a possible raider then please whisper me! We play on The sha'tar on the alliance! Also we are only level 3 and we are growing rapidly! 

If you are undergeared thats fine we will still take you in, farm JP VP all you could ask for also you must be willing to be open to Advice and try it out if your looking for help visit or or alternativley If you are in dire need of anything! which goes from Rotation to Glyphs, Gemming to gearing im more than happy to help! Don't be afraid to ask!

Currently we have one officer 'Ionic' He is currently playing his warlock who is located in a different Guild so if he isnt online im the only person who you may be able to get in contact with! If Neither are online feel free to leave a message with one of our guild members by using /who and ill message you! Hopefully!

Anyway we hope you join our ranks... Best of luck!
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Team alpha and BoT

Evoral, Jul 7, 11 7:26 PM.
Currently we now have around 30 Activate members within the guild with decent Gear. Also congratulations on the people who visited Bastion of twilight and downing the 2 bosses. For our first proper Go, Progression tommorow.

Also on a more important Note Team Alpha is in disccusion, As some members already Know! To have a possibility in joining the team you may have to apply on the forums which means you will have to register! or you could Directly Whisper me in the game for more information! I don't wish to just hand these spots out here and there ild like them to be something which is 'achieved' Not given! With this you will also be given your own rank 'Alpha Team' With a few little extra Perks compared to a member. How ever this does not mean the people who dont make the team can't raid, Ill make other numerous Teams when we gain more members of an acceptable Gear standard and knowledge by doing Heroic zul'gurub/zul'aman by farming Justice points. So dont worry YOU will raid!

New and recruiting!

Evoral, Jul 2, 11 9:43 PM.
Hello im Evoral, The guild leader. We are currently recruiting all to join our raid teams and do RBG! whisper me Ingame! For more Information or simply apply on the forum section (Recruitment)!
We are currently Recruiting all especially tanks and healers to fill our 10 man raiding teams!
Faction: Alliance
European: The Sha'tar (RP)
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